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No points for guessing that the name of Total Siyaapa’s title track is Total siyapaa. Moving on from that ridiculous joke, siyaapa is a Punjabi word which means troubles or chaos and so, the title means total chaos.

Now to the title track, Total siyapaa – the song is a hilarious description of how mad a Punjabi family can get – trust me I know, I belong to one! Not to forget, how very capable these families are of driving somebody totally insane.

In this case Ali Zafar, who’s playing the lead in the movie, is describing how Yaami Gautam’s love is so chaotic that he could die because of the mess.

The song is a mix of Hindi and Punjabi and has tidbits of the movie’s dialogues strategically infused in it. This intelligently narrates the story of the film in the song, thus, generating more curiosity. But there’s a downside too. This mad number will instantly remind you of Maa da laadla from Dostana, only it’s not as catchy and tends to get repetitive. It is worth listening to it once though.